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I am the worst

i should be the only one that understood. i should be. but i fail to. i fail to be the one that stood by you. i failed. i let my short sightedness come inbetween us and fail to see the plans u had for us in the future. i am sorry. u are the best girlfriend that i’ve ever had. the best thing that ever happened in my life. I am sorry to have caused u so much hurt. no matter what happens in the future, i will always remind myself how i fail to understand you and how self absorbed i am. How weak i am to have let go of my logic, my faith in you and let my paranoia sinks in, giving into my emotion over and over again. How frustrating it can get for you to always have to repeat your reasons for doing just about everything, how i fail to see that what you did was all just for love, to make our future a better one for both of us.. i love you.

It is too late to regret what have already been done. The damage has been made. No amount of words can show how much i regret doing what i did thru the whole episode. All i can say is that i’ve love u and always did love u and cherish u. I am terribly sorry to have made u lost faith in mankind.

a thousand time

given a thousand chances to re do my life. I would choose to relive the whole thing every single time because I’ve already found you

flip that coin

i can no longer take, wanting to love and stop wanting to love. should i or should i not. i am self destructing on the inside. Give up on something i know i can live with for the rest of my life? give up on someone that i’ve love so much that i would pour my entire life on? Or to carry on loving? But she said to fucking give it a break. But I really loved her. BUT ITS A BREAK. But then what? a hole in my heart? Fill it with whatever u can find. what!? yea fill it. she’s not gonna give a damn about u, she got her own worries to care. But i loved her and i know she cares too much that it hurts her. SHE’S SORTING HERSELF UP, WHICH PART OF SORTING HERSELF UP DO U NOT UNDERSTAND? But we are gonna come back together in the future! Yea, but she’s single right now and she said to break the fucking relationship up and fucking court again and hell yea ur effort are KAPISH. NO ITS NOT. YEA IT IS. NO ITS NOT. YEA IT IS. WE still love each other. And she loved her work and money and friends and family. I love them as well. Oh but the level u love is different. How do u know? Because i am you.

yea… tell me u don’t face this everyday.

lets do this right

Maybe u’re not. But i am the jealous kind. =)

Sorry i had to do this, but let’s get on with life.

Hope ya get it all sorted out =)


wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. -Audrey

Holding on

with all of my heart.

i will believe in our future. a future so bright and sweet it makes ppl sick. =D

thank you wordpresssss for being such a niiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee CMS. Roflol.

I stopped believing in the world, cause nothing in the world would last. nothing. I need a controller for this new apps called iEmotion, gives nothing but crashes every single day, mofos.. it’s time to rain zergs